18 May, 2022 Digital Event

Learn about the gut microbiome and its essential care to improve your wellbeing and health in this new edition of #MiWeF 2022


Your health ally:
the intestinal microbiota

What is the Microbiota and why do we often hear about the Microbiome?  
Is it true that today the role of predictive medicine is increasingly important for our health and well-being?

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Healthy gut for mental and physical health
A large part of our immune system resides in our gut and infact this organ is often considered as a second brain. Start improving your gut health: listen to the opinions of several experts taking part in the Microbiome for Wellbeing Forum, the first event in Europe dedicated to the wellbeing of your gut microbiota.

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It will be possible to ask them your questions
Dott. Matteo Pincella
Dott. Matteo Pincella

Head of Nutrition of the Italian national football team and scientific advisor of BioRep S.r.l.

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Dott. Riccardo Colombo
Dott. Riccardo Colombo

Ph.D. Bioinformatics

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Dott. Maurizio Colombo
Dott. Maurizio Colombo

Vice President of Sapio Group and President of BioRep S.r.l. 

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Why take part in the event?
A unique opportunity to get to know your intestine better and discover how it can be your best ally in preventing disease, strengthening your immune system and keeping you fit, thanks to your gut Microbiota. An event open to everyone, specialists and enthusiasts, to learn about recent studies on the subject and obtain the opinion and advice of leading Italian and European experts in the various fields of expertise.
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