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Will it be possible to download all the material shown during the webinar?

The individual speakers will decide whether and which material to release. The material released will be made available in e-book format following the event.

Do you give training credits?

Unless clearly stated on the webinar registration page, we do not award training credits.

What should I do if I have problems with the audio?

We recommend that you always use headphones to follow our webinars. If the audio is missing altogether and it is not a problem with the platform, we recommend that you try leaving and re-entering the room, possibly using a different browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are best).

Who is BioRep?

BioRep is a Sapio Group company founded in 2003 as a Biological Resources Centre (CRB), providing storage services to public and private research institutions, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and safety.
In addition to the storage service, BioRep provides Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Microbiology services developed in ISO 9001 certified and SMeL accredited laboratories. 
BioRep is specialised in the provision of genetic testing in different fields: Reproductive Medicine, Oncology, Diabetology and Microbiology.

Who is Atlas Biomed?

Atlas Biomed is a personalised health technology company, applying the latest genetic technology to help you reach your potential.
To achieve this, Atlas has two tests available in the UK: the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test. 
Both tests feed into the Atlas platform, allowing you to take control of your health through practical and personalised recommendations.

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