Paolo Borzachiello

Writer, popularizer

Paolo Borzachiello
Paolo Borzacchiello (Brescia, 25 May 1974) is an Italian writer, consultant and entrepreneur.

One of the leading experts in linguistic intelligence applied to business, for over fifteen years he has been involved in the study and dissemination of everything that concerns human interaction and language in particular. He is one of the most highly regarded trainers and speakers in the world of effective communication and sales and is the director of HCE University.

Every year he trains thousands of people in the classroom and follows companies, entrepreneurs and managers all over the world. After study, research and more than fifteen years of direct experience in the field, he created HCE, Human Connections Engineering, the discipline that studies the way human beings communicate, think and interact, and decodes their patterns and processes in order to modify or replicate them.

He wrote the bestseller La Parola Magica (Mondadori), Il Super Senso (Mondadori), Respira come se fossi felice (Minerva) and Il codice segreto del linguaggio (ROI Edizioni).
The first book in the series dedicated to HCE was published in April 2020 by Gribaudo. His podcasts and lessons are bestsellers and among the most reviewed.


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